Malia Crete

Malia is one of the most touristic resorts in Crete, located 35km east of Heraklion. It is famous for its nightlife and the third largest Minoan palace in Crete, Malia palace. Malia could not have developed its tourism without its sandy beaches. The beach of Malia is the eastern part of the 6km long bay starting from Stalis. It is a wide beach with fine sand and shallow water.  Here you can find whatever comfort you require. Apart from the classic umbrellas and water sports, you will find some other beach services such as massage, a gym on the beach, bars at the hotel pools, and much more.

This ideal location makes it the perfect base for excursions and to discover all the beauty that Crete has to offer.

Malia has been a travel destination for thousands of years, since the Minoan era, when many summer palaces were built in the area.


The pendant provides us with evidence for the advanced standard of workmanship in metal that was obviously being practised in this area around 1700BC, since the artist has expertly wrought the honeycomb and certain details on the bees’ bodies using the difficult process of granulation.

During this process, tiny beads of gold were applied to the surface of the jewellery using a compound of glue and copper salt, which, when heated, fused together the required components.

As well as indicating the sophisticated technological knowledge of the Minoans, such obvious care and attention to detail perhaps also reflects the significance of the bee and confirms its important role within this ancient civilisation.